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37Signals が新しいチャット+ファイル共有サービス始めたよ。

そういえば、なんで 37Signals なんて変な名前なのか気になったので調べてみた。
宇宙から飛んでくる膨大なシグナルのうち 37個だけ正体がわからない、
宇宙人からの信号かもしれないってところが 37 signals.
膨大な Web サイトのなかのキラリと光るサービスってことかな。

When we started the company back in 1999, one of my partners was watching Nova on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence...and out of the billions and billions of signals they've listened to from space, there were only 37 signals that were unexplained, and signs of potential intelligent life.

We could spin it and say we just wanted to create a few good Web sites out of the millions of bad Web sites. But really, it's just that the domain was available.

Jason Fried