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オンライン版 Picasa, iPhoto みたいな、写真検索サービス。
Advanced Search で、もっとすんごいことができるらしい。


Anonymous Vikram Aggarwal said...

To see face recognition in actual work, visit Alpha launch of MyHeritage. No invite required -- you can upload some photos now and judge for yourself how well it works. Currently they're showcasing a demo called Find the Celebrity in You that shows you which celebrity you resemble the most; that is, if you upload your own photo. You can upload photos of real celebrities (well known, or even less well known) and see how well they get recognized. All this shows the power of auto-tagging and the usefulness of face recognition in photo searching and organizing, and the kind of functionality that MyHeritage and other companies will be releasing in the very near future.
This site is not just about face recognition. It is geared towards genealogy and family history, but face recognition is one of its features. Disclaimer: I work for this company.

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