[&] Design Innovation @ Slush Asia 2016 Tokyo

Design Innovation @ Slush Asia 2016 Tokyo

"Designing Innovation - Applying User-Centric Design to Create Tomorrow's Breakthrough Innovations"
Guido Woska, CCO, Designit

Design is everywhere
Design used to be a lot about more.
Now, Design is a log about better.
Design is no longer just about form & function.
First and foremost it is about Humans.
And their appetite for Experiences.

It is often no longer just about what we should by.
But WHY we hold buy it.
So why does it matter to you?

Less is the new more.
We will own fewer, but better & smarter.
We will connect to fewer, but more meaningful.
We will have fewer, but longer and deeper brand relationships.

When you innovate, you fight for relevance.
Because only relevance is revenue.

There is no market for stupid.
What is innovation?

- スーパ−の肉とビールが一緒に売っている例
- スマートフォンで、車の共有
- Airbnb , これは Revollutionary, 新しいビジネスモデルを生み出している

Design Innovation.
Think and act like a designer
Take your idea and make it big.

Research ... Future Vision ... Experience Roadmap ... Design it, Build it. ....
Try it, Evaluate ... Make it better .... Design it , Build it ......

Here are 5 essential rules to design then next groundbreaking innovation.

Google Maps vs. TomTom GPS

Rule #1
Focus on the experience. Not he technology.

Rule #2
Do your research. Do it right.

Rule #3
Make it feasible.
Then throw it away and do it again.

Rule #4
Break Rules. And Business Models.

Rule #5
Design like you give a damn.

Most big. You beautiful ideas stated small & ugly.
Go out and change the world. It's yours.