[&] SIGGRAPH 2018 - Computer Animation Festival - Electronic Theater

Computer Animation Festival - Electronic Theater

●Best in Show
Hybrids : MoPA(フランス) (予告編)

Hybrids - trailer from HYBRIDS on Vimeo.

●Jury's Choice
Bilby : DreamWorks(アメリカ) (予告編)

●Best Student Project
Overrun:Supinfocom Rubika(フランス) (予告編)

Overrun from Rubika on Vimeo.


Bao : Pixar(予告編)

Weeds : Kevin Hudson(予告編)

WEEDS - Official Trailer from Kevin Hudson on Vimeo.

One Small Step - TAIKO Studios (予告編)

“One Small Step” Official Trailer (2018) - TAIKO Studios from TAIKO Studios on Vimeo.

DEATH VAN - Michael Enzbrunner

DEATH VAN (animated space-rock adventure) from Michael Enzbrunner on Vimeo.


VOYAGERS_TRAILER from Ecole MOPA on Vimeo.

SPACE BETWEEN STARS - Guru Studio(予告編)

SPACE BETWEEN STARS ★ TRAILER from space between stars on Vimeo.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Trailer - Unit Image

Geometry of Artificial Intelligence - Biogenic Design

Geometry of Artificial Intelligence from Serjan Burlak on Vimeo.

Twin Islands - Supinfacom Rubika(予告編)

Twin Islands from Rubika on Vimeo.

Hearth and Home - Blizzard Entertainment